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Dynamic Marketing

dynamic marketingFor an eternity marketers have been using the same formula. Tell the people what they get/win/gain by using a service or buying a product. It is time to twist and turn this around. In times of fear mongering by the media, people have become accustomed to this line of logic, and we feel this can be used to our advantage in marketing as well. If we already have a lead that is on the verge of buying your product but is still hesitant, pull the trigger and finalise the deal by telling them what they are losing if they do not. Trust us, this will work.

Do not show all your cards on a rampage to get the sale. Save a nice added bonus or an ace up your sleeve if you so will, until you almost have reeled them in. Then throw all the cards on the table and get that lead. Don´t let them be hesitant. Make them be in a “say yes mode”

Engage and be faster than lightning. In todays world we live online and make decisions quickly. The infrastructure and life online is so fast, nothing compares to it. And we have become used to everything happening in seconds and minutes rather than hours and days or even weeks. Be the fastest out there. Do your outmost to deliver ASAP, and word will spread. In many occasions, customers might even choose the more expensive option if they know the delivery is superb.

The whole process needs to be easy for the customer. The sale should be finalised in 2 or maybe3 easy steps, or your conversion will suffer. Gone are the days of post order catalogues and filling out forms or what not. One click product – one click buy – pay. That´s it!

free bucketWe do not have to lower prices in order to make sales. We just have to make sure the perceived value for the customer seems worth the cost. You would be surprised how much a simple added bonus can make an impact on the customer’s behaviour. Almost to the point where it becomes bizarre. Here we have hundreds of people in Finland “standing in line” for a free plastic bucket. Yes, that´s what we said. Free Bucket.

People Want Free Buckets

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